Nervous System Rehabilitation

A 70-plus-year-old branch of science called Quantum Physics has yielded a whole new approach to Nervous System Rehabilitation. In a nutshell, light waves carry information. As most people are now aware, the telecom industry is changing over to fiber-optic cables to carry more data/information than copper cables could ever hope to carry, and at faster speeds. Simply considered, plant genetics require sunlight to grow. The information contained in the wavelengths of sunlight stimulates the plants to grow. Similarly, our cells, including nerve cells, need light to function normally. When injuries, illnesses or conditions alter normal nerve functions, loss of health is a result. Our new approach is to use a technique called Quantum Neurology® to rehabilitate this lost nerve function. A variety of tools have been developed that make the healing process efficient and sometimes amazingly fast. My colleagues and myself, using this Quantum Neurology® approach have had tremendous results, I have even seen paralyzed nerves respond to these Nervous System Rehabilitation techniques.

Quantum Neurology® Nervous System Rehabilitation

One of my mentors, Dr. George Gonzalez, developed Quantum Neurology®, Nervous System Rehabilitation. He is training other doctors in the basic and advanced protocols of Quantum Neurology. These doctors have expanded on his teachings and developed a variety of comprehensive approaches to rehabilitate sports injuries, food sensitivies, sensory losses, muscle weakness and paralysis cases, among others. This list is by no means all-inclusive, as every year new applications are being discovered for this new form of rehabilitation to be applied to an expanding number of patients with various injuries, illnesses and conditions. Dr. Smith has completed all three modules of Dr. Gonzalez’s training.

Watch a YouTube video of Dr. Smith talking about his experiences with Quantum Neurology® and Nervous System Rehabilitation.

Dr. George Gonzalez, DC

Dr. Gonzalez originally developed the Gonzalez Rehabilitation Technique (GRT), now known as Holographic Healing®. He has also developed the GRT Lite® which is a low-level LED-based light therapy device based on the principles of Quantum Physics. This instrument, along with the ArthroStim®, allows Dr. Smith to rehabilitate every major nerve in the body, whether it be a motor nerve, sensory nerve or cranial nerve. Cranial nerves are the 12 specialized nerves that control bodily function such as vision, sense of smell, hearing, facial expression, digestion, organ function and healing.

Dr. Gonzalez has published “Holographic Healing”, a book that explains Nervous System healing principles in more detail. In it, Dr. Gonzalez describes how he developed this radical new healing approach based on his frustration at his inability, as a newly graduated chiropractor, to help his wife recover from a moderate spinal cord injury. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention. Being a recent graduate, he did not have the financial ability to take his wife to doctor after doctor, seeking a satisfactory resolution of her cripping condition. This motivated him to developed an effective rehabilitation method that was successful in resolving her condition. “Holographic Healing” is available on or through Dr. Smith.

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