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“I experienced severe back pain one morning, to the point where it was extremely painful to even stand. Never had I experienced this level of pain, even though I have had significant injuries. Dr. Steve was able to see me later that morning. I was a bit of a skeptic but needed relief. That first visit was for me, a miracle. The pain was reduced to half in it’s severity within one hour. Still in discomfort, I was now able to move and talk without gasping for breath due to the pain. The pain remained at a reduced level in my back until the following week; at this appointment my shoulder pain and lack of flexibility was addressed.
I had been living with shoulder pain for at least 8 months and thought I would just have to deal with it. As with my back,the shoulder was “fixed” – mobility increased, pain decreased; AMAZING and AWESOME! Now, with my fifth visit, I am on nutritional supplements that have continued to diminish the pain to almost non-existent in my back and I no longer have any pain in my shoulder.

I move with more grace and agility and just feel better after each visit. This man is amazing with how he has helped me. I am a firm believer in the skills of Dr. Steven Smith of Quantum Healing. There is hope!”
Victor, Montana


“After experiencing long-term, persistent hip pain and acute back muscle spasms, Dr. Steve determined the arches in my feet were failing and prescribed foot levelers [orthotics] for my shoes. I was unprepared for the outcome. Now after three weeks using my shoe inserts, I am 100% free of all pain, even gone are miscellaneous discomforts long accepted as “just getting older”. My memory does not record how long it’s been since I felt such a sense of well being. Now in my daily floor exercise/stretch routine I find greater flexibility and can do some yoga moves I have given up on years ago. As I enjoy hiking, biking, cross-country skiing and competitive swimming, I know this flexibility and perfect body alignment will provide a greater quality of enjoyment in these athletic activities as well as in just daily living – even at my nearly 73 years of age.
Stevensville, Montana


“In September of 2007 I turned 50. When I was in 7th grade I hurt my back and was laid up for 3 months. Since then, I’ve been to lots of chiropractors to try to heal this chronic pain. In 2006 I fell carrying some firewood. I could not pick up my left arm past my shoulder. The beginning of 2007 I went to St. Patrick’s Hospital in Missoula and spent $25,000 to find out I have arthritis in my neck. [They told me] to go home and take pills and learn to live with it.

I met Dr. Steve and after my first visit I felt 40% better. I’ve now had 5 visits and I’m a new man. I’m back working carpentry, pain-free and I can even see better. No more pains.  I love this man.”

Hot Springs, Montana


“Dear Dr. Steve,
Where were you 20 years ago when I was spiraling down during a divorce overwhelm – as I took the route of drugs to get pain relief. What a Godsend you are to me! Thank you for your understanding, your wisdom and your willingness to send me what you felt I needed. I shall be forever grateful.
You saved my life!”

Modesto, California


“I am a very active person and the first injury I had was with my knee. From that point on it seemed I got more injuries. One summer I hurt my back to the point I was not walking, sitting or lying down comfortably. I found a chiropractor and ended up seeing him many, many times over the course of about 3 months. I would always feel a little better, but was never really fixed. Then i came to Dr. Steve. He worked on my feet, including the supportive muscles  and nerves that control them – this was a completely new method to me. After seeing him twice I was finally feeling like my old self again. All my uncomfortable pains have gone and I am back to being active. With Dr. Steve’s method he has gotten to the root of my pains and has gotten my body back into a healthy balance.”
North Fork, Idaho


“I have been active in sports, construction work, and riding horses my whole life. I first started having neck and back pain at age 19; now I’m 51. I’ve been to the emergency room, and been to half a dozen chiropractors. After drugs and numerous chiropractic adjustments I still have always had pain. After 30 minutes with Dr. Smith I walked out of his office with no pain. It’s been 1 month and I have no pain. He is now working to improve my health for the rest of my life.”
Stevensville, Montana


“In 2003 I had a lot of interesting events going on in my life. I was in my second year of college and with exams, projects and work I felt like I was walking a tight rope and barely staying healthy. Indeed it wasn’t long before that rope snapped and I became continually sick. I had a horrible case of pink eye, a cough, congestion, headaches and anything else that could combine to make me feel miserable. I went to a specialist for ear, nose, and throat and found out that I had an ear infection that was meeting up with a sinus infection. He immediately put me on Augmentin, which is an extremely strong antibiotic and the pharmacist even instructs you to eat a small yogurt every time you take the medicine to try and prevent a yeast infection. I was on the Augmentin two weeks and headed for a trip in Louisville, Kentucky and not well yet, so I got another two-week prescription which is practically unheard of.  During the trip I had stipling from a mouth based yeast outbreak. I kept going to the specialist and thought maybe I was having an allergic reaction to something in my house and possibly a mold allergy. I tried Claritin, Rhinocort and some other sample allergy medicines that never worked. So I decided I was ready to do a full panel allergy test. I had made the appointment filled out the papers and was five days from the test when my mom asked me to wait and come home for Christmas to come see Dr. Smith. So I waited – I canceled my allergy panel test and headed home. I first saw Dr. Smith in December of 2003 and since his treatments I have been more happy and way more healthy than before.

Using the Standard Process nutritional supplements, Dr. Smith targeted the missing nutrients in my diet and I started taking 54-supplement pills every day. I was going on a trip to Phoenix for New Years and I felt like an old lady with a pile of pills at each meal and some in between meals! The glorious part of the story is I started to feel better in less than a week! I only took all those supplements for two weeks and went back to get re-evaluated. I was doing quite well and was able to reduce the supplements down to just three bottles of supplements and under his guidance, eating healthy.

Off to school again and I was feeling great. Then on January 15, 2004 I was walking with a friend on ice and fell. I dislocated my ankle and broke the tip of the fibula and spiral fractured it. The next day I went into Emergency surgery and had my ankle re-attached to my leg and two screws in the bone to piece it together and stop the spiral fracture. My parents came over to help me after surgery, but not without stopping at Quantum Healing to talk to Dr. Smith. He sent over Zymex II, and some other supplements to aide in the healing and minimize the pain. My surgeon gave me prescription Ibuprofen and Oxycontin. I took these painkillers for two days and then I was only on what Dr. Smith gave me. My roommate, that is going into nursing, and all my friends, (and especially my surgeon) were amazed that I really wasn’t in much pain at all. The healing process took place very quickly thanks to the prayers from friends and family and the help from Dr. Smith.

That summer I was working four different jobs at home and staying quite busy. The specialist from Bozeman had warned me that if my tonsils got infected again and were swollen with puss the size of cottage cheese coming out then I would have to have my tonsils removed. Well with my stressful,busy schedule, again I got pretty ill and looked at the back of my throat and there was this gross mucus the size of cottage cheese. I was planning to go to the hospital to get my tonsils out, but decided to see if Dr. Smith had any insights to offer. Of course he did! He told me that your tonsils are the forefront fighters to prevent infections that try to enter your body. By removing them you are more prone to things like pneumonia or other problems. With Dr. Smith’s help I overcame the problem and felt much relief within 12 hours and then went on to complete healing.

Then I was back to school again for my junior year. I wanted to go to a football game, but my throat was starting to hurt. So of course I gave Dr. Smith a call and he had me make a hot water, honey, and cayenne pepper mix and drink it. I worked like a charm and I made it to the game right on time.

Dr. Smith has fixed every major and minor problem that I have brought to him. I dislocated my jaw in 2002 and it had never quite tracked right since the accident, but Dr. Smith got it in the right place. Following my broken and dislocated ankle he aligned the tissue over the scar so that it was not painful and keeps the ankle joint in the right place.

Most recently I started trying to eat better and workout more. I was working out with one of my roommates and we would lift weights for about an hour a day. I was feeling great for about two weeks and then just got hit with another horrible cold and pink eye again. I went to Dr. Smith and explained that I was eating healthy, working out, and doing the 5 Rights from the book “The Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth”. After I explained my frustration of being sick again he explained to me the 180 Heart rate training method from Dr. Phil Maffetone’s book “In Fitness and in Heath, Everyone is an Athlete”. I had been doing anaerobic exercises, which were taking a toll on my immune system whereas I needed to be doing aerobic exercises. Soon after adjusting my workouts with this method, I healed up my cold and pink eye and bought a heart rate monitor. I have always loved to run, but I never had understood the importance of a constant low heart rate to increase my fitness level while increasing my health. Because of Dr. Smith’s encouragement and help I was able to run in the Governor’s Cup in Helena and continue to enjoy running and being healthy. I benefit from all the time I get to talk with Dr. Smith because each time I learn something new and he doesn’t run down other people’s professions, he just helps you help yourself! ”

Bozeman, Montana


“I would like to start with a brief history regarding my relationship with Dr. Steven Smith. I first met him 13 yrs ago or so. My back had been giving me quite a lot of pain over the prior 10 yrs to the point that when I stood, it felt like my lower back had separated from my hips. It is hard to explain, but it was a VERY painful experience. Steve was recommended to me by a co-worker. I went to see Steve for this problem and have not EVER experienced that problem again. Once a year I would see Steve for a tune up or for anything that might have been ailing me at the time. Steve stopped traveling from his new home in Montana to his San Jose office about 3 years ago. I tried seeing another specialist for whatever might have been ailing me at the time, but it was to no avail. So I decided to fly to Montana and get healed/fixed by Steve himself.

Here is the thing. I went up there for help with painful muscle tightness and also for a few kinks I had that didn’t want to go away. He quickly resolved these problems.  In the course of my session with Steve, I started telling him about the 20 + years of bone degeneration/periodontal disease that I have had. What a nightmare!  Very deep pockets, looseness of teeth, having to lose teeth because of it and also the 4 or 5 abscesses I would get each year. Eating antibiotics to get rid of the abscesses, and pain pills because the pain level would be pretty intense. I have a great dentist and I have been with her for 12 years but the main focus with her has always been to keep the disease from getting worse, knowing the whole time (both my dentist and myself) that I would eventually lose all my teeth.

So I am sitting in Steven Smith’s Stevensville Montana office telling him my story when he says to me, let’s check something out. He performed a test on me and told me I was lacking the necessary nutrients my body needed to have healthy gums and teeth. He sent me home with Bio-Dent and I was told to take 5 per meal 3 times a day. I saw my dental hygienist about a month after my visit with Steve as well as a month after starting to take Bio-Dent. These words will never fully explain my awe, happiness, and utter joy at what came about with my cleaning session. Remember folks these are first for me in my lifetime. All my pockets between my teeth and gums went from 6’s-9’s to 2’s and 3’s. I went to having tons of pain and a lot of bleeding at every cleaning session to hardly any pain with very little bleeding. The dental hygienist told me that she has NEVER seen my gums this pink and healthy. NEVER.

I owe this to Steve and his deep understanding of the body and how it works. His knowledge seems at times unfathomable. To be able to perform a simple test and come up with a supplement that would fix my mouth after 20 + years of misery blows my mind. I owe a lot to Steve. He has helped me keep my very active body feeling like its only 20 yrs old even though I am 49. But now my respect for him goes even deeper. I am changed and will be forever greatfull because of Dr. Steve and what he has done for me.”
Redwood City, California


“I have experienced severe problems with my foot, back and hip since I broke my ankle 5 years ago. These problems were unresolved by a podiatrist, 4 chiropractors, acupuncture and physical therapy. For 40 years of my search for health, I have never known any doctor who is as knowledgeable and capable as Dr. Steve. ”

Hamilton, Montana


“At 76 years I felt myself getting progressively infirm. For the past six years, I have experienced pain and weakness in my right knee. A surgeon suggested knee replacement, but I chose physical therapy, which helped some. The problem persisted and I couldn’t climb stairs without pulling myself up by the railing. After 4 visits with Dr. Steve, I have improved dramatically and am currently taking tennis lessons. What more can I say?”

Hamilton, Montana


“Two weeks ago I came to see Dr. Steve. I have been seeing many doctors these past years. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, Lupus, etc., many pains everywhere. I had low energy and my feet had been hurting for many years also. I went to foot doctors and finally got to where I could hardly walk. I came to see Dr. Steve and when I walked out of his office I felt like I was walking on someone else’s feet! During the next week I felt like I had a new body! I now have energy and am almost pain free. I have gone off my Prozac and Prednisone. I also work at a hospital and feel this is the way to go.”

Arco, Idaho


“I have had pits in the enamel of my teeth at the gumline since 1987, when I took a homeopathic remedy that was caustic to my teeth and I was not instructed properly on its use. Upon Dr. Smith’s advice, I began taking the Standard Process supplement called Bio-Dent, chewing 30 of these pills per day. Within 2 weeks, the pits in my tooth enamel were 50% smaller, and as I have continued on the Bio-Dent they have shrunk to about 10% of what they were. Based on this, I anticipate that they will be completely filled in within the next two weeks.

My dentist was very concerned about this damage to my tooth enamel and I was considering getting my teeth bonded to protect them. Now I don’t need to do that, and my teeth are healthier than they’ve ever been. The sensitivity at the gumline is gone, the pits are almost completely filled in, and I feel like I can smile again without being embarrassed about my teeth. Also, I hardly get any plaque build-up on my teeth. It’s great!”

Stevensville, Montana


“In the past ten years, I have been to 3 different chiropractors, one of which I visited on a regular basis for about 6 months. I have had pain off and on in my mid-back/shoulder blade area for at least ten years and have had chronic pain in my neck for the past 4 years. Every chiropractor that I visited ended in the same result – a quick fix and then I would have the same problem/symptom again, anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month later.

I was referred to Dr. Steve by a massage therapist who could not say enough good things about him. Well, she was more than right. Just after one visit I felt 80 percent better than I did when I arrived, and more, Dr. Steve gave me exercises to help correct my problems (something none of the other doctors did). It has been just a short time – about 4 weeks – and I keep improving and the symptoms are not returning!”

Hamilton, Montana


“I am 58 years old and have been working on getting my health back for the past 15 years. Using wheatgrass therapy to strengthen my body from long-term antibiotic use, removing the silver amalgam from my teeth and using chelation to rid my body of heavy metals, stopping fast-food-eating habits, getting on strength-building exercises for bone density improvement as well as yoga classes for flexibility and calmness of mind and body – all helped to further that goal. Spiritual development was an important part of this evolvement, too.

But, I still didn’t have the energy I wanted. I thought it was due to low thyroid so I addressed that, which seemed to work for a while. That, however, wasn’t the answer either.

On my first visit to Dr. Steve, he hit several “nails” on the head. Through feet adjustment(s), muscle testing, and lifestyle inquiry, he figured out that my body was out of alignment from the waist on down, my adrenals were exhausted from too-high heartrate (anaerobic) exercising and not enough aerobic exercising and getting me on a nutrition program that matched my body’s needs. The supplements he tested me for nourished my organs. I became an energized woman. In addition, his spiritual support and guidance was the frosting on the cake.

I am indebted to him for his insights, his ability to see the body as a whole system, and his expertise at adjusting the body from the feet up so vital nerve messages can get to the brain, restoring my brain’s ability to control my skeletal posture and balance.

He’s the best!

K. W.,
Modesto, California


“I am a long time runner who developed knee pain. After two years of physical therapy and two orthopedic doctors who told me I should cut down on running and/or have surgery, and 6 months of not running, all of which did not help, I saw Dr. Steve.

Dr. Steve assessed my weaknesses that were causing joint distress, made some adjustments, and showed me how to exercise and eat properly. In less than one month I was running with little or no pain and continue to improve. Not only are my knees better, other aches and pains that I just assumed were part of aging are going away!   I consider Dr. Steve my wellness coach. He has showed me how to help my body heal itself and how to stay healthy. I feel very fortunate to have him as my doctor. ”
C. A.,
Darby, Montana


“I am sure you must know how much you have helped me over the years. I don’t think I would have even survived my first season without your training insight. I truly appreciate all you have done.
Thank you!”
Nicole Freedman,
Olympic Bike Racer


“This experience has been so meaningful and so life changing it took me a while to be able to capture the importance of it all in words. I still don’t feel I did it justice. I would love to scream from the rooftops so that everyone could hear about the miracles that you create, so please let me know if there is anything else I can do for you to get the word out.

I don’t know if there is any way to express as much thanks and appreciation as I feel for the amazing gift you have given me. I would also like to thank you for inspiring me to do my life’s work in the holistic field. I have yet to figure out the exact avenue I would like to pursue but I know I will find my way. I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for me.”

M. M.
Missoula, Montana


“Wanted to let you know that I have experienced a lot of improvement since my last visit to your office.
My back has felt so much better since you “straightened me out”.  I try to do the exercise you suggested as much as possible and have noticed a big improvement in the way my back feels.

Also, I am now taking the lowest hormone dose available with no ill affects. I am very pleased to have gone from the highest dose to the lowest and it is due to your guidance in this area.

Lastly, having my jaw realigned has been a great relief and will probably save me huge future dental expenses. I no longer grind my teeth at night and don’t have to wear the dreaded TMJ device in my mouth. I no longer have pain in my cheekbones and am experiencing fewer headaches.

Thanks for all your great work!”

C. W.
Corvallis, Montana


“I met Dr.Steve Smith when my best friend finally convinced me to go see a chiropractor for back pain. I had been living with back pain for a little more than a year, and didn’t see any way to escape it. I thought it was just something I was going to have to find a way to live with. Thank God for Steve!

After my first visit, the adjustments he made and the practical advise he gave was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t understand how he just seemed to know where I was hurting. Over the next few years and some more great sessions with Steve, I brought my daughter to see him and told many friends and colleagues about him. Steve has been a healer, a doctor, a physical therapist and a friend all rolled up in to one person. It’s all a part of the way Steve heals you. He doesn’t just mask the problem, he actually corrects what’s wrong, gives you practical advice on how to maintain those corrections, and anything else you might want to know health-wise, and you are on your way to a better quality of life.

I used to be very headache prone and take lots of Tylenol or whatever I found for headaches. One day I asked Steve if I had to live with headaches for the rest of my life, and he said no way and told me how to get rid of them and keep them from coming back. No medicine was involved – just simple eye exercises that I can do any time of the day. Since then (that was about 6 months ago), I have had maybe 1 headache that I can remember.

I could say lots more but the bottom line is you have to check it out for yourself. People can tell me things til they are blue in the face, but unless I’m open and willing, nothing will happen. Your body is a gift and it’s up to you to treat it well. Remember – junk in, junk out. Quality in, quality life!”

J. M.
Cupertino, California

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