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“The majority of doctors don’t understand the actual underlying causes of poor health and unresolved injuries, and how to truly resolve these issues that rob us of our quality of life. My life’s study has been focused mainly on this goal – helping people to regain their health, vitality and fitness back to pre-illness or pre-injury levels. Those who desire a higher level of vitality and optimal health find my approach to healthcare very effective.”
– Dr. Steven Smith

This is a website where you may find answers to your health questions that conventional medicine may not provide you. Dr. Steven Smith’s healing background includes more than 30 years of clinical experience, and the study of  Applied Kinesiology, Nervous System Rehabilitation and nutritional therapies, which has given him the ability to quickly and accurately assess the imbalance causing your complaints and guide you to a speedy recovery.

Dr. SmithA graduate of the Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Smith has also completed more than 300 hours of study in Applied Kinesiology, two years of Chiropractic Neurology study and a year of Nervous System Rehabilitation study, and incorporates Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) technology in his healing work. As part of his practice, Dr. Smith uses Standard Process whole-food supplements to help train people to maintain their body so they can experience optimum health and fitness. Combined with diagnostic insights obtained through muscle testing, other exam results such as blood pressure, postural evaluation, neurologic sensory testing and gait analysis supply Dr. Smith with a comprehensive impression of your body’s health.

Dr. Smith believes you must have all the puzzle pieces of health in place to truly achieve Optimal Health:

Breathing & Exercise
Structural Alignment
Mental & Emotional Balance
Hormone Balance
Nervous System Rehabilitation

What is Optimal Health?

In a nutshell, it’s the optimal function and integration of mind, body and spirit. This means you fuel, exercise, oxygenate and hydrate your body properly, practice mindful living and follow your heart for your highest good. It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily easy.

Your participation is vital to your healing process and determines the effectiveness of Dr. Smith’s treatments. His goal is to make these corrections in as few visits as possible to get you back into balance. Come prepared to work together to achieve your quantum healing – a quantum step above what you may have already experienced. No challenge is too great, and Dr. Smith welcomes clients with long-standing problems that have not been solved by conventional medical approaches.

Dr. Smith has trained endurance athletes who have increased their performance capabilities, allowing them to move from top 20 finishers to podium finishers and Olympic athletes in their events. Since he considers life an endurance event, he feels people from all walks of life can benefit from this type of guidance.

Check out the Common Complaints to find information that is easy to understand and use in your daily life to make significant changes in the way you look, act and feel. This is your opportunity to take back responsibility for your health and happiness.

What is Applied Kinesiology?

Applied Kinesiology (AK), is a system of manual muscle testing used to identify structural, biochemical and other imbalances. AK allows Dr. Smith to target a specific problem and identify the proper healing technique to correct the problem, such as releasing a chronic muscle spasm, making a structural adjustment to restore optimum joint movement or supplying a needed nutrient. AK is a system of communication between doctor and patient that allows the doctor to quickly determine what your body needs to get you to the next level of health. For example, you might have symptoms of low energy, weight gain, and depression that lead you to suspect you’re having problems with your thyroid. A muscle test, where the doctor physically challenges one of your muscles, or other simple functional tests can show abnormalities that may be “invisible” on a standard blood test. An additional series of muscle tests will let the doctor know what nutritional supplement your body is missing and which reflex points to stimulate to encourage a more speedy and graceful healing process.

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